One of the greatest challenge faced by a parents is “PAYING SCHOOL FEES”.
As NUNU FUND, we have worked out a solution which will solve the challenge of school fees, because we believe that a problem isn’t truly solved until its solved for all.
In future NO child will drop out of school because of school fees issues.
The only thing a parent need to have is a child in that school, be teachable, be patient, be consistent and above all be able to listen as enshrined in our NUNU model.
To begin with, if you know any body who is having a child in one of these schools:
1) Divine Nursery and Preparatory School – KMC
2). Kabale Quality Nursery and Primary School – KMC.
3). Genesis Nursery and Primary School – KMC.
4). Lakeside souls nursery and primary school (discussions underway).
Just inform them that an opportunity awaits them next term and its non discriminatory. 👩🏻‍🎓👨🏻‍🎓
Just call 0777298299/0756437040or whatsApp 0752934353.
It’s First Come First Serve basis for 100 plus parents per each school in a batch.



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