NUNU SEED BANK strategy is a business model that is peasant-centric.

This model gives the peasants more flexibility as they organize themselves in groups and get their dry seeds into the bank for better market, as apposed to having middlemen.

Because its the peasant farmer who puts in a lot of time and effort from ploughing, to planting, to weeding, to harvesting and to reaping very small. And during all this process they are faced with lean season (In agricultural regions of developing countries — this is the dangerous period between planting and harvesting when job opportunities are scarce and incomes plummet. Food stocks dwindle and poor families regularly skip meals) – the time most peasant farmers go into debt to meet family basic and social needs leading to monetization of their gardens before harvesting at giveaway prices.

With NUNU’s DRY SEED BANK, we ask peasant farmers to form groups, be accountable to each other and collectively bring their harvested dry seeds into the bank for storage until prices stabilize while we provide equivalent funding during the waiting stage. This model allows stakeholders to collectively keep outsourcing market and once we sell we share the profits.

We have come to realize that the collective success of a community is the sole responsibility of that community and that community only (they live together and have something in common).

There are critical things we are achieving with this SEED BANK Strategy:-

1) Market value for the harvested crops.

2) Payment of school fees

3) Saved cash for other emergencies.

This improves community financial understanding as well as quality of life.


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