Not long ago, as NUNU we pledged to negotiate and influence businesses on behalf of our people, our top most agenda was to create an ecosystem which benefits businesses, their customers and the children of the customers.
Here is our call, “Find a way to do something for someone TODAY ~ NO matter how seemingly small, just believe its worth it. The feeling you will receive in return will have you wired for life. The purpose of life is about WE. When we step up and look for ways to Do more, BE more, GIVE more and SERVE more, we find a sense of meaning, fulfilment and happiness that only comes from serving something larger than ourselves. When you are not in your head, you are in your heart and that is where life truly changes.
Its always a humbling experience to serve.
Its very uncommon for business people to care about their customers plus their children by giving back other than wanting to make only profits from them.
As NUNU, we are appreciative to our partners who believed in our concept (an ecosystem where every involved individual mutually benefits) and are giving back directly to the children of their customers. A good person remains good even when he/she starts a business – he/she wants to see the growth of others.
Soonest, I will publish them such that the public gets to know those businesses that surely care about the financial future of our children thus preparing a customer future base.
When you give, you receive more.



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